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February 4th – 2011 – Mood Sky – Edmonton Photographer 365

Ah yeah, another luscious sky photo for your optic orgasm!  Or something.   I love the contrast and the drastic shift from light to dark.  Mmmmm… Advertisements

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January 31st – 2011 – Snow Reeds – Edmonton Photographer 365

Well, missed a few days there.  I did shoot one or two of those days but never ended up with anything I felt was very good at all.  I will post failed attempts when I feel there’s something to learn … Continue reading

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January 18th – 2011 – Blue Sky – Edmonton Photographer 365

Anyone who has followed my lurching forays into the 365 project lifestyle will potentially be sickened by todays image due in part by the frequency to which I post sky/cloud photos.  I can’t help it though.  The endless variety of … Continue reading

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