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February 23rd //\\// Day 54 //\\// Basketball

Well, after the last post, I really have nothing to say.  I was able to hit up this basketball court while empty and grab this fairly cool shot.  Was busy with work stuff the majority of the day and didn’t … Continue reading

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January 13th //\\// Day 13 //\\// Billiards

So, today didn’t go exactly as planned.  We were supposed to go out and do some archery in celebration of a friend’s birthday.  However, we got to the lanes and there was only one guy working (though I’m not sure … Continue reading

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January 12 //\\// Day 12 //\\// Working Late

Okay, they weren’t really working late, but it’s dark out so it feels like it!  I AM, however, posting this the day after.  I confess, last night I was a big ol’ hunk o’ lettuce sitting around catching up on a few TV … Continue reading

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January 11th //\\// Day 11 //\\// Glass

So, I spent most of my day laid up in bed recovering from a couple days of terrible sleep and back and shoulder pain.  I took a lovely photo of myself trying to recover.  You can see it on my Facebook … Continue reading

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Day 29 – Stupid iPhone

As a photographer with a genuine passion for the art and craft I am always looking for ways to improve or change my results or tools. A few times I’ve read about photographers increasingly using their cell phones to capture … Continue reading

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