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January 3rd //\\// Day 3 //\\// ByGone Era.

Yes, I’m a day late.  Haven’t been too well so I’m a bit behind. Back at the day job, they haven’t taken down the Christmas decorations yet.  Thought I’d grab a shot before they did. No archive image today. Advertisements

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February 11th – 2011 – Morning Lights – Edmonton Photographer 365

Sitting at a red light this morning I saw this great panel of lights.    Sadly, it was dark enough a long shutter speed was needed and things went wonky.  Fortunately, I like wonky!

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February 10th – 2011 – Courtnee – Edmonton Photographer 365

Second night of Lane Jensen’s lighting workshop.  Played with smoke and gels.  I’ve always had ideas and thoughts of using smoke but never got around to it.  Now that I’ve used it, I’m going to have to do more of … Continue reading

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February 9th – 2011 – Courtnee – Edmonton Photographer 365

Took in night #1 of a lighting workshop put on by Lane Jensen and Light Tools.  Very informative and met lots of people.  Wasn’t feeling very brave on the social skills front though so didn’t end up staying afterwards.  One day … Continue reading

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February 8th – 2011 – New Kid on the Block – Edmonton Photographer 365

Remember a few weeks back I posted a shot of a huge construction crane laying on the ground.  Well, here’s what they were making.  Turns out that huge crane was used to dismantle the two cranes that were used to … Continue reading

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February 4th – 2011 – Mood Sky – Edmonton Photographer 365

Ah yeah, another luscious sky photo for your optic orgasm!  Or something.   I love the contrast and the drastic shift from light to dark.  Mmmmm…

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January 31st – 2011 – Snow Reeds – Edmonton Photographer 365

Well, missed a few days there.  I did shoot one or two of those days but never ended up with anything I felt was very good at all.  I will post failed attempts when I feel there’s something to learn … Continue reading

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