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February 14th // Day 40 // Sunrise

A beautiful Sunrise on Valentines Day. Or maybe it was a sunset? Advertisements

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February 4th // Day 34 // The Lights

Walking home from the bus terminal I loved how these lights were nicely silhouetted against the perfect gradient sky.

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January 27th // Day 27 // Soft Clouds

I love good clouds.  These ones reminded me of cotton balls.  Soft and fluffy.

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January 6th //\\// Day 6 //\\// Dark Winter.

Was playing this crazy Augmented reality game when I noticed this moody b*tch!  So I shot her.

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June 6th //\\// Day 158 //\\// Sky Clouds

Ahhh yeah. Coming back hard with a sky photo!!! Featuring sweetly textured clouds giving just the right moodiness. What say you? Good or bad?

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May 22nd //\\// Day 143 //\\// Rainy

Well, this was a wonderfully rainy day! In addition to these creepy clouds, I did a rather moody self portrait! Shot and edited with Camera Awesome. Self portrait also edit with SnapSeed.

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May 20th //\\// Day 141 //\\// Eclipse

Wasn’t really prepared to do these photos but I gave it a go anyway.  Shot through a black plastic garbage bag.

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