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February 24th // Day 46 // Mel

Here’s my beautiful and crazy talented business partner who thinks she’s ugly, has zero confidence in her skills and only wants to be thought of as an assistant, being super cute testing the lighting set up for a shoot we … Continue reading

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February 13th // Day 39 // Love

Saw this cute couple sitting at McDonald’s doing crosswords together. So cute!

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January 30th // Day 30 // Courtney

Struggling on the edit of this one…Will update when done. Dragged my friend Shauna out into the snow to do a light test on the always beautiful Courtney Owen. Here’s a sample of what I’m working towards.  The duckies will … Continue reading

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June 2nd //\\// Day 154 //\\// World of her own design

Photographed a little girl’s 1st birthday party today.   At one point, one of her guests wandered off to do her own thing.  Not sure what she was doing, or why she was doing it, but I loved how she … Continue reading

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June 1st //\\// Day 153 //\\// Perfect Smile

On this day in 2012, I had the pleasure of doing a photo session with a beautiful family.   As  usually happens, the youngest member was the highlight.  The following smile is probably done by every child at one point … Continue reading

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May 21st //\\// Day 142 //\\// Me!

Only shot myself today. Sorry.

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May 16th //\\// Day 137 //\\// Bear Babes – Finals

A selection from the second round of the contest looking for ladies for the 2013 Bear Babes calendar.

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