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May 9th //\\// Day 130 //\\// Bear Babes

Every year in May I take part in an event put on by the Bear Radio station in which numerous attractive women comepete to be included the following year’s calendar and for the honour to be named a Bear Babe.  … Continue reading

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January 4th //\\// Day 4 //\\// Bokeh

A favorite feature of certain lens focal lengths for thousands of photographers is this thing called Bokeh.  Now, I had never heard this word until a few years ago so I’m not clear on whether it should be pronounced “Boca” … Continue reading

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March 15th – 2011 – Fashion ya! – Edmonton Photographer 365

A few nights ago we had the pleasure of working with Miss Nica Stone again.  Partially for promo images for Euro Yard Service and partially just for fun and partially in prep for the promo video we’re making for her.  … Continue reading

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February 10th – 2011 – Courtnee – Edmonton Photographer 365

Second night of Lane Jensen’s lighting workshop.  Played with smoke and gels.  I’ve always had ideas and thoughts of using smoke but never got around to it.  Now that I’ve used it, I’m going to have to do more of … Continue reading

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February 9th – 2011 – Courtnee – Edmonton Photographer 365

Took in night #1 of a lighting workshop put on by Lane Jensen and Light Tools.  Very informative and met lots of people.  Wasn’t feeling very brave on the social skills front though so didn’t end up staying afterwards.  One day … Continue reading

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