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April 20th // Day 96 // King Camera Day 7

No self respecting app tester would miss out on the chance to shoot a food shot, so here’s some breakfast for ya! I have to say, King Camera’s editing options are among the nicest I’ve seen. I’m going to miss … Continue reading

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February 28th // Day 48 // Candy

Was at the 7-11 and saw these extra colourful versions of one of my favourite candies!!!! I resisted though. Sad face.

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January 24th // Day 24 // Sammich

This is the scene as I wait for my lunch to cook up. A very tasty Pepperjack Panini!

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June 4th //\\// Day 156 //\\// Words

Okay, so, when I find a few minutes each day I’m going to start catching up on these postings. And yes, I have failed miserably at taking photos though most days have SOMETHING. Today’s image is a snapshot of some … Continue reading

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May 24th //\\// Day 145 //\\// Breakfast

Thanks to one Darcy Evans for introducing me to Cora for breakfast. Great food!!! Though I might need to make some special requests in the future.

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May 19th //\\// Day 140 //\\// Cake!

Each layer was a different flavour!  And it was tasty!

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May 15th //\\// Day 136 //\\// Wine

K, not shot by me, but it was shot with Mel’s camera that I had by Rachel who I was hanging out with along with a few other photo friends. ¬†Soooooo, I dunno, all I have so suck it up. … Continue reading

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