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April 13th // Day 89 // Sleepy Kitty

While Camera Awesome is the primary app I use for shooting, I don’t usually do much editing of images within the software. My favorite editor, and the most versatile one I’ve encounter so far, is called Snapseed. It was produced … Continue reading

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March 16th // Day 62 // Vincent

This is Mr. Vincent. He has been with my roommate and I since Boxing Day 2012 and has just recently started venturing out into the world and hanging out with me.

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January 26 // Day 26 // Keira

My turn for a cat photo! How could I resist?

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January 18th // Day 18 // Keira

Caught Keira taking a nap against my backpack today. She was cute she gets to be my photo for today.

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June 9th //\\// Day 161 //\\// Peacock

Took a trip to Calgary with my friends Shauna and Christine to visit the Calgary Zoo and get 2 hours of time alone with only about about another 40 – 60 photographers and no other guests. Was a pretty good … Continue reading

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March 31st //\\// Day 91 //\\// Read a Book

Lola says “read a book, but not this one.” assisted my good friend Kelly with some boudoir session today and grabbed this shot of her cat Lola during a break. I love this cat!

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February 20th //\\// Day 51 //\\// Chloe

Today the crew for the Bear Babes calendar got together and interviewed each other for some video segments to be used in promotional videos to help build awareness for the calendars. Unfortunately, Steve’s dog Chloe has a bit of a … Continue reading

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