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May 1st //\\// Day 122 //\\// Guest Shooters

As most of you know, I’m doing a Dave a Day photo project where I try to take a photo of myself every day for the rest of my life. You would think this would be easy since, no matter … Continue reading

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April 14th //\\// Day 105 //\\// Shirty

So, I’m currently working on sorting out my brain and am starting to actively pursue creative projects as opposed to simply contemplating them. One such project involves a YouTube channel and while customizing the layout I decided I wanted to … Continue reading

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April 7th //\\// Day 98 //\\// Rehearsal

Today’s image is a sneak peek into something we’re working on. It’s a screen shot of a test video. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out but I’m going to redo it based on some feedback. When it’s done … Continue reading

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January 4th //\\// Day 4 //\\// Bokeh

A favorite feature of certain lens focal lengths for thousands of photographers is this thing called Bokeh.  Now, I had never heard this word until a few years ago so I’m not clear on whether it should be pronounced “Boca” … Continue reading

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March 15th – 2011 – Fashion ya! – Edmonton Photographer 365

A few nights ago we had the pleasure of working with Miss Nica Stone again.  Partially for promo images for Euro Yard Service and partially just for fun and partially in prep for the promo video we’re making for her.  … Continue reading

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