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April 19th //\\// Day 110 //\\// Blue Light Special

Continuing on with my Shoot Everything philosophy, here’s a nice blue siren light used on emergency support request stations at MacEwan University. Hitting a big button automatically calls on-site security and will instantly dispatch a security guard to that post … Continue reading

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March 29th //\\// Day 89 //\\// Morning Dew

Woke this morning to a near summer experience. There was dew or rain on my car. Was quite nice. Here’s a lovely song to go with this post!

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March 25th //\\// Day 85 //\\// Secret!

March 25th Mel and I went out and did a video shoot for a very nice woman.  Here is a screen shot from that shoot.  Sadly, I cannot yet show the image until I’m given the green light to do so. … Continue reading

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March 16th //\\// Day 76 //\\// Abstract and Airport

K, sleepy.  Going to bed.  Here’s an abstract dealy of little dangly things on a lamp.  And then a picture inside the airport over there, you know, the Pearson one or whatever it’s called.  hehehe… Night!

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March 14th //\\// Day 74 //\\// Blue Skies

Okay, sorry I haven’t posted in a while…Just noticed it was longer than I thought!  I thought I was posting for Friday but I guess I haven’t posted since last Tuesday!!!! Ooops! Okay, so here is Wednesday’s abstract image!

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March 13th //\\// Day 73 //\\// Abstract Windows

Still sorting out this sleeping thing.  Also, the WiFi here (At the conference center AND at the hotel) is HORRIBLE so I can’t post from my phone very often which would be much more convenient. So, not shooting as much … Continue reading

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March 7th //\\// Day 67 //\\// Water

Woohoo!!! According to the counter on this water fountain, the MacEwan University Service Centre staff have kept 20,000 water bottles OUT of landfills since the beginning of last May. And this is just one of two fountains, though I didn’t … Continue reading

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