April 29th // Day 105 // PhotoMage Day 2

Other than the complete lack of sharing, the only other differences between Photomage and Instagram, is that during shooting, PhotoMage has a Blur toggle. This provides you with a circular clear spot where everything is in focus and everything outside the circle is out of focus. The size of the circle may be altered by pinching.

The other difference is that you can add a caption directly to the photo. And you can do so in on of 6 fonts.

Other than that, there are no other features at all.

I think the most impressive aspect of these photos is, they were all shot the same day! Gotta Love Alberta. It started off as a rainy day, then moved into a full on Blizzard (though its hard to tell in the shot), and then ended with a beautiful sunset!!! And I had a bowl of broccoli and cauliflower at some point as well!






About Dave Wilson

I R Photog! Make Purdy Peectoors! Seriously though, I'm a photographer of many disciplines based in Edmonton, Alberta. I just love a great image, whether it's a penny on a sheet of ice or a $100,000 wedding ceremony or a puppy jumping for a frisbee.
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