June 3rd //\\// Day 155 //\\// Snap Seed

Right, so I’ve been playing with a lot of camera and photo editing apps for the iPhone. I wish I could try the on the iPad but alas, I don’t yet have an iPad.

At any rate, this image was shot in Camera Awesome, still my favorite app for shooting. However the editing was done in Snap Seed by Nik Software and I have to say, while the image still has it’s problems, Snap Seed went a long way in recovering it and making almost useful.

Snap Seed has a feature I haven’t seen in any other app yet, and might never see in another app if Nik has patented their targeted adjustment system. Once you learn how it works, it almost instantaneously becomes second nature in how to work it.

You drop a pin to indicate where you want your adjustments to affect. You use two fingers to resize the edit circle indicating how far you want the edit to impact. You slide a finger up the screen to change the function of the pin from brightness to contrast to saturation or whatever other function might be in the list. Then you slide your finger right to increase the intensity or left to decrease it. Easy, peasy, pudding and pie. What the hell is peasy?

Here’s the edit, followed by the original.




About Dave Wilson

I R Photog! Make Purdy Peectoors! Seriously though, I'm a photographer of many disciplines based in Edmonton, Alberta. I just love a great image, whether it's a penny on a sheet of ice or a $100,000 wedding ceremony or a puppy jumping for a frisbee.
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