May 9th //\\// Day 130 //\\// Bear Babes

Every year in May I take part in an event put on by the Bear Radio station in which numerous attractive women comepete to be included the following year’s calendar and for the honour to be named a Bear Babe.  These women are not only only after some fame of their own, but more importantly are after your money!  The sale of every calendar donates money to various children’s charities through out Alberta, and soon, throughout Canada.

For more information visit

Here’s a “behind” the scenes view!



About Dave Wilson

I R Photog! Make Purdy Peectoors! Seriously though, I'm a photographer of many disciplines based in Edmonton, Alberta. I just love a great image, whether it's a penny on a sheet of ice or a $100,000 wedding ceremony or a puppy jumping for a frisbee.
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