March 15th //\\// Day 75 //\\// George and the Show Off

Thursday night was social night.  It was to be a night where all the Apple Connect folk gathered to just hang out.  There was to be a jam session where anyone could up on the stage and play guitar or drums or keys, or cowbell.

Well, Jason, the guy I went with from Macewan, apparently has some legit skills in the musak department.  He even took on some iPad solos as evidenced by this photo here.

Sadly, the dude on the keyboard is a bit of an OCD control freak and highjacked the entire thing with sappy jazz numbers.  The guy can play, sure.  And he can sing pretty good too.  But he was freaking out cause one of the guitars was out of tune.  And he picked the songs to be played.  And the style to be played in.  At one point, someone else finally got a say in the song choice and this dude was at a COMPLETE loss!  It was kind funny…

The Showoff

The Showoff

Also, today we took a shot of George.  His name is ACTUALLY Jason but he’s forever cursed with resembling a different Jason and being referred to as George.  He’s okay with it though so that’s cool.




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