February 27 //\\// Day 58 //\\// Days End

Well, there’s only a few days left of February. That means my month of Black and Whites is almost finished. March is approaching quickly and I’ve not yet come up with a theme for the merry month of St. Patty’s Day.

So I put out the call to my loyal readers! All 5.2 of you hold consider sending me suggestions of a theme for the month of March! Challenge me as you will! Put forth your most dastardly of ideas and I shall pick the one that strikes the most fear into my soul! Yet the one that actually makes sense to possibly do, what, 31 photos of. March is 31 days right? Or is it 30…hold please…yes, 31 days!!!

So with that, I leave you with the third last photo of this month which is actually a call back to one of the first images I ever took with my iPhone. That image is the color one and was shot in October of 2009. At that time I was rarely using my phone or photos, after all it was only a 3 MP…but now, I almost use it more than my real camera!




About Dave Wilson

I R Photog! Make Purdy Peectoors! Seriously though, I'm a photographer of many disciplines based in Edmonton, Alberta. I just love a great image, whether it's a penny on a sheet of ice or a $100,000 wedding ceremony or a puppy jumping for a frisbee.
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