January 9th //\\// Day 9 //\\// Edmonton Downtown

Short post today.  Have some sort of shoulder injury so typing isn’t a great thing.  No idea what I did, but my shoulder is angry at me for it.  Also, my left eye has gone blurry  so it seems like I’m seeing everything double.  Rough day.  I’m just going to go to bed ASAP.

At any rate, was leaving work tonight and was greeted by this scene of Downtown Edmonton buildings reflecting the sunset.  It was a bit nicer than this, but I only had my 70 – 200mm lens and had to shoot through a window, hence the variance in sky color about halfway through.

No From the Archive today.

Edmonton Downtown by Dave Wilson of Second Sight Studio

Edmonton Downtown


About Dave Wilson

I R Photog! Make Purdy Peectoors! Seriously though, I'm a photographer of many disciplines based in Edmonton, Alberta. I just love a great image, whether it's a penny on a sheet of ice or a $100,000 wedding ceremony or a puppy jumping for a frisbee.
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